Khajiits are believed to be mythical humanoid cats that are blessed with supreme powers. They have a very interesting story related to their birth.

Therefore their name is equally interesting and so is the prefix attached to their name. They are believed to be children of Nirni (she was given a gift by her mother Ahnurr that she could birth her own kids). 

One of Nirni’s siblings called Azruh got a gift from her mother that she could take Nirni’s kids if she promised to make them cleverest, fastest, and the most beautiful ones.

After their birth Azruh took them and then she made the litter to Khajiit, as per her promise. The story regarding their birth is chilling and forces one to dive further in their lives.

Thus their names also draws our attention and will be perfect for your little fur cat or of for the fictional novel that you may want to write.

Their surnames have accent and feel of that being inspired by the Indian and the Arabic culture.  Some of the interesting Khajiit female names are as follows:
• AInoshima
• Chiadi
• Bahdani
• Tsanja
• Ataidasha
• Ataherra Roumhan
• Shudasha Bahrajatamil
• Yushi Hammudhari
• Kiahra Jahkbushir
• Ahnazda Rajivkaron

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